Smith & Wesson Security Services
Your safety is our #1 priority.
Give your business the security it deserves.
Businesses throughout the U.S. lost $4.3 billion in 2007 as a direct result of burglary.* No matter what the size of your business, if you’re not protected, you risk losing everything.

Control Security Services sophisticated solutions for any business or property, including:
• Burglary
• Fire
• Hold-up systems
• Access control
• 24/7 monitoring
• Elevator monitoring
• Industrial process monitoring
• Environmental control monitoring

Plus, we offer a full line of Life Safety Devices — which provide additional protection against gas leaks, freezing pipes, water leaks and more.

Whether you’re at home or away on business, if your office is in danger, our systems will send for help automatically.

Sophisticated protection for retail businesses, corporate offices and more.
Imagine if an armed stranger came into your business, pointed a gun at your head or at one of your co-workers. What would you do if he demanded all your cash and jewelry? Would you remember what he looked like? What if he tied you up, injured you, or worse?

Our Hold-Up/Panic Systems can summon help immediately, and can be activated without raising suspicion or placing you in any more danger. Plus, with the addition of Closed Circuit TV cameras, you’ll have the entire event recorded, which will aid police with prosecution and tracking stolen goods.

24/7 monitoring. Total peace of mind.
Our award-winning, 24/7 monitoring center keeps your home protected at all hours of the day. When an alarm is triggered, our highly trained operators quickly dispatch emergency responders to your home. Learn more about our 24/7 monitoring services.

Advanced, easy-to-use security systems.
Rest easy knowing your home is protected by the best security technology available today. You can set the exact level of security you want, or we can build a system based on your needs. It's simple to operate, and 100% secure. Take a closer look at our advanced alarm systems.

*SOURCE: FBI, 2007 Uniform Crime Report
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